FM205 Cbd Empty 510 Vape Cartridges

Size:Φ 10.6*51.8mm
Weight: 10.3g
Injection volume: 0.5ml
Oil inlet diameter: 4- Φ2.0
(The oil inlet can be customized according to the smoke concentration)
Resistance value: 1.4 Ω

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FM205 Cbd Empty 510 Vape Cartridges


1. Cigarette holder: white ceramic flat nozzle (threaded type)

2. Central rod material: national standard copper

3. Center bar process: CNC

4. Oil chamber: high scanning silicon glass

5. Oil injection hole: 2.0mm * 4

6. Porosity of atomizing core: 37-43% (conventional atomizing core)

7. Base material: national standard copper

8. Base process: CNC

9. Metal ring process: none

10. Capacity: 0.5ml